You will be working with a wire that can easily reach temperatures of 400-700 degrees or more depending on the wattage setting of the circuit. You will EASILY be burned or set objects on fire.

Using the recommendation of a low voltage circuit, your risk of electrical shock should be very low. But if you are not comfortable using electricity, or creating your own electrical circuits, then you probably should not attempt this project. Proceed at your own risk

Only operate under the supervision of an adult, parent, legal guardian or otherwise competent individual.

One concern when using Hot Wire Foam Cutters with foam products is the toxic fumes emitted by the burning polystyrene or styrofoam. Be sure to use in a well ventilated area and discontinue use if you feel light headed or nauseous.

I, nor any of my affiliates are responsible for any damage you may do to yourself, others, or personal property. This website is provided as a reference site so you may create your own hot wire foam cutting device. But if you improperly load your circuits, do not calculate your power supply requirements appropriately, or other faults, you may damage your electrical equipment or have a failure to cut the foam materials. Proceed at your own risk.

Visit the TerraGenesis Safety Page for additional information.